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  • I want to comment my lovely experience in the apartment in paris in june od 2011 :), i really love the apartment!!!

  • Our silver wedding anniversary and first visit to Paris couldn't have been so lovely hadn't it been for the outstanding quality of Glamour Apartments services. Many thanks for the thoughtful touches that went way beyond mere professionalism. The studio we rented was well situated and fully self-sufficient and the Glamour Agency staff went out of their way to make our stay memorable.We fully validate the choice of Glamour Apartments agency.

  • I would like to say a huge Thank You to Olga! She's been extremely professional and helpful. Everything was arranged very fast. Apart from organizing our amazing stay in Paris she gave us a lot of very useful information only insider could share! Thank you again, great job!

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If you are struggling to find a place in the central Paris or the apartment rental funding do not fit to your pocket, you can find the best possible options to book an apartment in the merely away from the central location of Paris. There would be no problem whatsoever in place apartments in 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 14th and 15th. Outer Paris place was linked to by the negative things, while they're safe and also have good value for money, they're not as attractive and respected as central Paris location. Here, you cannot appreciate quintessential Paris encounter. Moreover, you have to utilize the public transport as nothing exists in the blink of an eye walking distance of your apartment, go and ahead from your house. With you desire to apartment Paris rent and wish to consider reserving a Studio, choice off reason or short stay could be ideal option for you.
The studio in Paris is availed according to the necessities. In the event you are with the need of some days then you definitely must call for weeks remaining for long holidays finding the most price operative per month strategy is the preeminent and you might have the strategy that is per week, for pay per night plan. They provide the auto to reach to the flats after being confirmedentirety. The automobile that is pricey along with motorists within the budget is yet stress-free with them. Similarly they support in the booking of tickets.
It's essential to consider a lot of things before deciding to rent an apartment such as schools, the positioning, market and comforts etc if available across the apartment's place. It really is true that letting an apartment is really a sensible decision that you must take. The great thing is that you need not to move your own personal furniture and at the exact same time you'll be able to keep your hard-won money.
Paris rental is a cheaper alternative when you have made strategy to stay more in Paris. The nice thing is there are many Paris apartment vacation rentals situated around this delightful urban. Getting your own rental flat, its key and attractiveness around truly give you enjoyment of ownership along with a superb feeling that is inner to do what you may desire. Walking the roads of the city give you a nice experience of loving the structure that is classic and know the value of culture of Paris. So, if you have made a plan on going to the city of love affair with family, you will certainly enjoy a homely feeling in Paris rent flats.